Homelessness can affect us all

Homelessness is a continuing problem in Falkirk
Homelessness is a continuing problem in Falkirk

Thanks to campaigning from Shelter Scotland, by 2012 all unintentionally homeless people in Scotland will be entitled to a permanent home.

n Launched in 2002 the policy will culminate with the abolishing of the priority needs test.

n By abolishing priority need, all homeless people will be equally entitled to a home and not those with the most points from the test.

n The target will be met by increasing the number of affordable homes on the market and social housing stock.

n A report published last month showed that 84 per cent of homeless young people ran away from home at least once before they were 16 compared to just 11 per cent of the national average.

n Charities including Shelter and Crisis – which deals with single homeless people – have expressed concern that, if planned housing cuts go ahead, up to 88,000 people across the country could be at risk of homelessness.