History repeats itself for family

Five generations together
Five generations together

When this family appeared in The Falkirk Herald 20 years ago, this photograph must have been almost impossible to imagine.

Five generations of women appeared in the paper on April 25, 1991 when great, great gran Mary Baxter (85) held one-month-old babe Maxine Binnie.

But now, two decades later, that baby has had a baby of her own.

And she’s been able to give her son that very special pleasure of getting a cuddle from his great, great gran too.

Maxine is now mum to five-week-old Ethan Ross Martin who is pictured in the arms of his great great gran Margaret Kennedy (82) of Grangemouth.

And proudly looking on is the rest of the Grangemouth family - great gran Margaret Binne (57), gran Ms Tracy Binnie (37), and new mum Miss Maxine Binne (20).

New Gran Tracy said: “I remember when the photo 20 years ago was taken, it doesn’t seem like that long ago, but I remember it was a momentous day.

“Back then, to have five generations of the same family was really rare. It’s maybe a wee bit more common now, but still very special.

“Seeing my ‘baby’ holding her baby is really very special, but to know we’ve both had our great, great grans there it’s even more special.

“Having wee Ethan here has also really lifted my gran’s spirits. She’s been having some health problems, so this has really cheered her up.

“We’ll be getting these photos framed and we’ll put them alongside these photos from 20 years.”