High achievers share Dux honour

Senior Dux pupils Sarah young and Jack Cherrie. Picture: Michael Gillen
Senior Dux pupils Sarah young and Jack Cherrie. Picture: Michael Gillen

The high achievements by senior pupils at St Mungo’s High School in the last academic year saw the coveted title of Dux shared.

Sarah Young and Jack Cherrie, of S6, are now both proud recipients of the prestigious medal and are looking forward to a bright future after they leave the school next summer.

Declan Rennie with proud dad Gavin and mum Amandajane

Declan Rennie with proud dad Gavin and mum Amandajane

Talented Sarah (17), from Bonnybridge, gained five As in her Higher exams in French, English, maths, human biology and music and says becoming joint Dux was something of a surprise.

She said: “It was a bit of a shock as I never really worked towards it, I just worked hard to do well in my exams, but I’m really happy I got it.

“I’m focused on primary school teaching and working more on my French. I’ve never been to France but I love the language.”

Jack (16), from Maddiston, also got five As for his Highers in maths, English, physics, computing science and graphic communications.

He said: “I was really surprised and really proud to be one of the Dux. It was hard work for the exams and this makes it all worth it.

“I would like to keep studying computing science and electronic engineering so I’m in the process of applying to university in Glasgow.”

There was also a special award for 14-year-old Declan Rennie at the prizegiving ceremony last Tuesday evening.

Conscientious Declan, who faced months away from school to receive life-saving treatment due to an aggressive form of leukaemia, took books with him into the teenage cancer ward at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow.

He underwent a stem cell transplant from an unknown donor at the start of the year and his inspirational story featured in a BBC documentary Growing Up With Cancer.

Declan, the oldest of five brothers, was given the school’s prize for English, the Tom Kennedy Award, for outstanding work.

Other prize winners on the night included: Junior Proxime Accessits: Olivia Harvey, Hana Jamieson and Kuba Kukielka; Junior Dux: Alexander Whitmarsh, Lindsay Young and Mia Farquharson; Senior Proxime Accessit: Paul Mein.

The Rector’s Special Award for six Highers went to Charlie Gribben.

Special guest speaker was David Bleakley, a former geography teacher, now a motivational speaker who works with the school.


S1 CFE achievement awards - Confident individual: art, Jack Davis; design technology, Reece Scott; English, Anna Marr; health and food technology, Martin Munro, ICT, Brian Bett; mathematics, Nathan Horn; modern languages, Kennedie Campbell; physical education, Alicia Dobson; religious education, Mia Gardner; science, Catherine Campbell; social studies, Jamie Stewart.

Effective contributors: art, Nathan Shanks; design technology, Reece Scott; English, Anna Marr; health and food technology, Harriet Lawson; ICT, Brian Bett; mathematics, Eve Jones; modern languages, Kieran Baird; physical education, Cameron Ainslie; religious education, Jay-Jay Carter; science, Sarah Mulholland; social studies, Charlotte Donaldson.

Responsible citizen: art, Sarah Mulholland; design technology, Reece Scott; English, Anna Marr; health and food technology, Leah Kemp; ICT, Brian Bett; mathematics, Mollie McFarlane; modern languages, Nicole Swan; physical education, Anthony McGuire; religious education, Emily Gribben; science, Katie-Louise Sever; social studies, Anya McKenna.

Successful learner: art, Alicia Dobson; design technology, Reece Scott; English, Anna Marr; health and food technology, Jay-Jay Carter; ICT, Brian Bett; mathematics, Niamh Glen; modern languages, Molly Campbell, modern languages, Anya McKenna; physical education, Darcy Brown; religious education, Leah Kemp; science and social studies, Walliss Mooney.

S1 CFE champions: art, Anna Marr; design technology, Charlotte Donaldson; English, Jodie Lunday; English, Jasmine Chakir; English, Lauren Docherty; English, Ellie McGeever; health and food technology, Aimee Newbigging; ICT, Joshua Gardner; mathematics, Jay-Jay Carter; modern languages, Walliss Mooney; physical education, Michael McGarvey; physical education, Anya McKenna; religious education, Ava Clark; science and social subjects, Reece Scott.

S2 CFE achievement awards - Confident individual: art, Anita Ziswa; business education and French, Chiara Butt; design technology, Cara Captain; English, Chiara Pennock; health and food technology, Luke McAlpine; mathematics, Lauren Skinner; physical education, Mariclare Butt; religious education, Sarah Black; science, Liam Fagan; social studies, Eve Duffy; Spanish, Liam Fagan.

Effective contributor: business education, Chiara Butt; design technology, Cara Captain; English, Chiara Pennock; French, Mantus Valecius; health and food technology and social studies, Iga Wojciechowska; mathematics, Charlie Meikle; physical education, Anna Gallie; religious education, Lucy Dillon; science, John Thompson; Spanish, Liam Fagan.

Responsible citizen: art, Angharad Farquhar; business education, Chiara Butt; design technology, Cara Captain; English, Chiara Pennock; French, Jennifer McCalman; health and food technology, Charlie Parker; mathematics, Hamish Clark; physical education, Charlie Meikle; religious education, Michael Gallagher; science, Albin Saji; social studies, Anna Gallie; Spanish, Anita Ziswa.

Successful learner: business education, Chiara Butt; design technology, Cara Captain; English, Chiara Pennock; French, Calum Andrews; health and food technology, Freya Whitmarsh; mathematics, Nicola Thomson; physical education, Chloe Docherty; religious education, Nida Shahid; science, Patrick Campbell; social studies, Abby Evenden; Spanish, Robbie Simpson.

S2 CFE champions: art, Kasia Pollock; business education, Mariclare Butt; design technology, Nicole Loney; English, Luke McApline; English, Anna Gallie; French, Isabella Samms; health and food technology, Freya Whitmarsh; mathematics, Calum Andrews; physical education, Jenna Devlin; physical education, Jamie Richardson; religious education, Abby Evenden; science, Shannon Menzies; social subjects, Abbie Cooper; Spanish, Hamish Clark.

S3 awards, most improved performer: accounting, Olivia Bruce; administration and IT, Dane Russell; art, Saskia Bruce; biology, Aimee Thompson; business, Shannon Stirling; chemistry, Haroon Afzal; computer science, Maya Finlay; drama, Olivia Bruce; drama, Natasha O’Hara; engineering science, Zac Mooney; English, Makho Milo; French, Finlay Fleming; geography, Nicole McCormack, graphic communication, Natalia Dziadosz; health and food technology, Nicole Kilgallon; history, Jordan Wilson; mathematics, Jodie Ferguson; media studies, Joseph Russell; modern studies, Reiss Connor; physical education, Callan Hogarth; physics, Bradley Mcfarlane; practical woodworking, Andrew Kennedy; Spanish, Jodie Ferguson.

Most consistent performer: accounting, Christie Frail; administration and IT, Emma Robb; art and English, Jude Weir; biology, Rosie Wallace; business, Stephanie Lusk; chemistry, Mark McKinlay; computer science, Joe Allison; drama, Lucy Scott; engineering science, Eoin McGee; French, Aimee Thomson; geography, Lucy Scott; graphic communication, Craig Yeardly; health and food technology, Emily Cameron; history, Caitlin Gill; mathematics, Haroon Afzal; media studies, Jade Stewart; modern studies, Ben Sinclair; physical education, Thomas Henderson; physics, Mahnoon Maqsood; practical woodworking, Gary Mochrie; Spanish, Robyn Lynagh; Spanish, Sean Deane.

S1 digital leader awards: Liam Tribble, Molly Campbell, Jismaria Jijo, Jay-Jay Carter.

UKMT maths challenge certificate awards: gold and best in school (and best in year), Jay-Jay Carter; silver, Olivia McGhee; bronze: Awais Akram, Iman Bhatti, Kennedie Campbell, Dylan Carlyle, Alicia Dobson, Caitlin Jamieson, Mia Lugget, Jodie Lunday, Walliss Mooney, Reece Scott, Luca Vannucci.

Peer mentoring awards: Eva Brown, Mhairi Doherty, Sophie Ewing, Kieran Ferguson, Keavy Gallagher, Katy Gallie, Benet George, Ruth Henretty, Aimee Hutton, Maisie McDavid, Yasmin McEwen, Louise McGhee, Scott McGill, Aidan McKay, Niamh McMullan, Toni Moore, Lauren Myles, Abigail Pedyo, Francesca Porco, John Ritch, Emily Ritchie, Zoe Scott, Amy Shanks, Hannah Sweeney, Caragh Walker, Dillon Wallace, Hannah Wilson, Claire Winchcole, Megan Wright.

Music awards: NYCoS, gold award winner, Katie-Anne Butt. St Mungo’s PTA music festival, S1/2 winner, Boy Band. Sporting awards, team of the year, U-18 girls football. Athletics, Lewis Pentecost, Harris Pentecost, Phoebe Angus. Basketball, Erin Marshall. Canoe slalom, Peter Linkstead. Dance, Serena McCall. Football, Niamh Scott, Megan Gallagher, Grant Forrester. Swimming, Victoria Duncan, Olek Smith, Craig Yeardly; Tennis, Mark Christie.

Outdoor achievement awards: level one NICAS and level two Go MTB, Karol Ronowicz; level one NICAS, level two Go MTB, one star canoeing and kayak awards, St Andrew’s Ambulance first aid award, Ciaran Chisholm; level one NICAS and level two Go MTB, Jack Horton; Level one NICAS, level two Go MTB, one star canoeing and kayak award, St Andrew’s Ambulance first aid award, Dylan Cramb; level one NICAS and level two Go MTB, St Andrews Ambulance first aid award, Orla King; one star canoeing and kayak award, Daniel Fyfe; one star canoeing and kayak award, Patrycia Maj, one star canoeing and kayak award, Klaudia Orynycz.

Trinity sailing trip: Scott Anderson, Kuba Bieganski, Ciaran Chisholm, Michael Cochrane, Jack Docherty, Mikey Doyle, Daniel Fyfe, Kuba Kukielka, Cael Meldrum, Aaron Paige, Ajmal Pushtonzai.

Senior awards at National Four Grade: Health and food technology, Holly McDermott; hospitality, Leonna Boles; mathematics, Joseph Love; media, Eve McGuirk; physical education, Zoe Moore; sports leader award level four, Matthew McPhail.

Senior awards at National 5 Grade: accounts and physical education, Megan Gallagher; administration and IT, Claudia Campopiano; art and design and history, Mia Farquharson; biology, French, and mathematics, Fraser Wilson; biology, Hana Jamieson; business management and English, Ethan Purdie; chemistry, Lindsay Young; computing science, graphic communication and engineering science, Kuba Kukielka; design and manufacture, Gerard McNulty; drama, Lucy Smith; English, Olivia McMahon; events management, Dillon Wallace; events management, Abigail Pedjo; French, Kimberley Mannion; geography, Olivia Harvey; health and food technology, Mary Clark; hospitality, Chloe Ledwidge; life skills mathematics, Kieran Ferguson; media, Maisie McArdle; modern studies, Yasmin McCafferty; music technology, Dean Gourlay; music with performing, Beth Grant; physics, Alexander Whitmarsh; practical cake craft, Joe Wotherspoon; practical woodworking, Jack Cook; RMPS, Jenna Beattie; sociology, Rachel Petale; Spanish, Ellie O’Donnell; sports leadership level five, Erin Anderson.

National 5 - 6 Band As: Phoebe Angus, Mansi Chavan, Cameron Clark, Mia Farquharson, Holly Ferguson, Megan Gallagher, Elizabeth Janet Grant, Aaron Groves, Olivia Harvey, Hana Jamieson, Louis Kennedy, Kuba Kukielka, Charlie Muir, Matthew Northway, Ellie O’Donnell, Nikola Palka, Ethan Purdie, Alexander Whitmarsh, Fraser Wilson, Lindsay Young.

Senior awards at higher grade: accounting, Matthew Brown; administration and IT, Scott Sherman; art and design, Clare Marr; biology, Francesca Haggerty; business management, Connie Balfour; chemistry, Lucy Kenny; chemistry and human biology, Ethan Thom; computing science, graphic communication, Jack Cherrie; dance, Jessica Morrison; design and manufacture, Aaron Beattie; drama, Melissa Cook; English, French and Spanish, Paul Mein; geography, Megan Hamill; health and food technology, Grace Spence; history, Conlan McPherson; human biology, Aiden Meikle; mathematics, Charles Gribben; media, Jan Tomasik; modern studies, Maisie McDavid; music technology, Kirsty Coleman; music with performing, Sarah Young; photography, Brooke Anne Boyle; physical education, Ciara Murphy; physics, Lucy Kenny; politics, Aidan Callaghan; RMPS, Rija Miraj; sociology, Amy Graham.

Higher Grade 5 and As: Rabia Afzal, Katie-Anne Butt, Jack Cherrie, Clare Marr, Iain McKinlay, Alice Robertson, Sidra Shahid, Ethan Thom, Sarah Young.

Senior awards at advanced higher grade: art, Aine Munro; biology, Rhona Cobb; business management and modern studies, Yasmin McEwen; chemistry, Rhona Cobb; computing science and mathematics, Aiden Meikle; drama, Alexander McNair; English and French, Rija Miraj; geography, Maisie McDavid; graphic communication, Brooke Ann Boyle; health and food technology, Claire Winchole; music with performing, Kirsty Coleman; physical education, Orla King; physics, John-Joseph Nelson; Spanish, Amy Graham.

Special awards, Captains’ awards: Andrew - Reece Livingston; Columba - Sophie Ewing; Kentigern - Rebecca Alexander; Magaret - Erin Watson; Ninian - Jan Tomasik; Ogilvie - Sarah Jamieson. Roy Northam Memorial Trophy, Peter Linkstead; Lorraine Currie Memorial Award, Brooke Ann Boyle; Lawrence Haggart Memorial Trophy, Orla King; Saul Elliott Memorial Shield, Lewis Pentecost; Archbishop’s Award, Sarah Young, Lindsay Young; Rector’s Awards, Aidan McKay; HJ Lynch Award, Katie-Anne Butt; SVDP Frederick Ozanam Award, Claire Winchole; St Anthony’s Parish Council Award, Peter Captain; Tom Kennedy Award, Declan Rennie; Hilary Moraes Award, Lauren Baigrie; Pat Crossan Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, Sarah Young, Lindsay Young; Concrete Society of Scotland Award, Jude Weir; Royal Bank of Scotland Award for Business Education, Yasmin McEwan; Phillip Colins Reading Award, Ben Murray, Bartek Tajak; Maurissa Clark Award, Justice and Peace group, Rewarding Excellence, Connie McGuckin; Microsoft Showcase School Digital Award, Sean Bracken Grey; Junior Proxime Accessit, Olivia Harvey; Junior Proxime Accessit, Hana Jamieson; Junior Proxime Accessit, Kuba Kukielka; Junior Dux, Alexander Whitmarsh; Junior Dux, Lindsay Young; Junior Dux, Mia Farquharson; Senior Proxime Accessit, Paul Mein; Senior Dux, Sarah Young; Senior Dux, Jack Cherrie; Rector’s Special Award (six highers), Charlie Gribben.