Hey presto! Success on cards for Elliot

Magician Elliot Bibby
Magician Elliot Bibby

Move over Derren Brown because there’s a new kid in town who is proving he’s got the magic touch.

The name of young magician Elliot Bibby is rapidly making waves in the Magic Circle as he conjures and tricks his way into the minds of his audiences at his increasingly popular performances.

He’s been obsessed by magic since he was nine when he was given a simple coin trick to master, which he duly did, and he began adding to his repertoire by practising in front of the mirror and then on friends and family.

Testimonials to him on his website describe him as being “professional...truly mesmerising...and...a bit mad”, and he’s come a long way since his first-ever performance at Braes High School as a nervous 14-year-old.

Now 19, Elliot has perfected a hatful of magic tricks which he rolls out at corporate and charity events, as well as a residency in Falkirk’s Orchard Hotel.

“I’ve been performing magic for about 10 years now and have been doing it professionally for three,” said Elliot from Brightons.

“Some people at school thought it was quite cool, but some were like, ‘on no, he’s got his cards out again’, but that didn’t bother me. Magic is my passion.

“Paul Daniels or Marvin Berglas are my heroes. I’ve watched Dynamo and he’s amazing, but if you’re looking at his stuff with a trained eye, some of it is terrible.

“I do a couple of his tricks, but I like to read books and develop my own tricks rather than copy other people’s. I’ve got my own style and have invented a few tricks of my own.”

Elliot is a member of the Forth Valley Magic Circle after undergoing a daunting audition for entry four years ago, which is enhancing his experience. The circle has around 20 members and meets at secret locations locally.

On top of his busy schedule performing, Elliot is also studying a sports engineering degree at Napier University and has a weekend job at Hamleys toy shop in Glasgow selling magic sets.

His chosen career path will always be magic though. He added: “I’m earning a very good living, enough to pay my way through university, and my life is quite chaotic at the moment. I’m performing up to three times a week. That can be for 450 people at top hotels, corporate or children’s parties, I’m pretty versatile.

“My favourite trick is the invisible deck where people shuffle a pretend deck of cards and then choose a card before I pull out an actual deck with their card turned over. People think I’m reading their mind, but I just love sleight of hand and manipulation.”