Herald readers vent anger over horse’s plight

Robert Myles has been looking after the horse as best he can
Robert Myles has been looking after the horse as best he can

The harrowing story of a horse left in a field without water and hardly anyhing to eat has sparked a strong reaction on social media.

The Falkirk Herald revealed this week that a passing motorist has been caring for the animal after becoming concerned for its welfare.

Robert Myles has become a regular visitor to the field in Redding Road, Westquarter, supplying the horse with water and carrots bought from the nearby Tesco store.

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Now our Facebook page has been filled with comments on the story – with many voicing their disgust at the lack of care provided by the owner and almost everyone stating their admiration for Robert’s actions in tending to the horse.

Julie Garvock said: “What an amazing man you are. Too many people just turn a blind eye to things like this.”

These sentiments were echoed by Moira Ross, who said: “Well done to the guy for taking care of this horse. The owner should have the horse removed from them if they can’t give proper care.”

Gillian Forsyth was full if praise for Robert. She said: “I drive past here a lot and had no idea. Well done to the kind man for stopping and reporting.”

Eliz Graham voiced the opinion of many when she said: “Thank goodness there are good caring people who try to help.”

And Andrew Doyle added: “I saw this horse poking his head over the wall the other day as I was driving past and would never have known. Poor thing but top bloke for helping!”

A horse owner herself, Jill Mackintosh added: “We attend our ponies daily summer and winter. We have a duty of care to provide fresh water, hay if required, feed if required, sun screen and fly spray, but at minimum fresh water daily in this heat.”