Help me find Falkirk hero

Maureen Telfer recovers at home
Maureen Telfer recovers at home

A woman who suffered a horrific injury as she tried to board a commuter train is looking for the passenger who came to her aid.

Doctors have told Maureen Telfer that only the quick-thinking of the Good Samaritan saved her from more serious wounds.

Her traumatic experience began after she left work in Glasgow two weeks ago to catch a train from Queen Street station to Falkirk Grahamston.

As she put her foot on the step up to the train carriage, she slipped and her lower leg went between the coach and platform.

Despite blood pouring from the wound, she hobbled on to the coach planning to continue her journey.

Maureen (54) said: “I’ve been commuting for 20 years without mishap, but on this occasion I don’t know what happened.

“Everyone was waiting at one platform when there was an announcement that the train had been switched to platform seven, so there was a bit of a rush to get there.

“I was carrying my handbag and laptop bag, and admit that I was wearing rather high heels.

“As I put my foot on the step, I was conscious of the height of the heel and tried to put it to the side but I don’t know what happened and it went down the side of the train.”

As she stumbled forward, Maureen pulled her leg back out and doctors later told her she suffered a “degloving” injury where the skin and tissue are ripped back.

She added: “I think I must have been in shock as I went into the carriage and found a seat.

“When I looked down, there was blood everywhere but it almost seemed to be surreal, as if it was happening to someone else.”

At this point a fellow passenger came forward and suggested that it would be best to call an ambulance.

But Maureen was insistent she wanted to continue her journey.

She said: “However, he was really calm and said ‘you are not going home’. He took me back out on to the platform, sat me down on a seat and began to give me first aid.

“He put pressure on my leg to try to stem the flow of blood and a woman gave her scarf to tie round the wound.”

He also had enough first aid knowledge to raise her leg up to reduce the blood flow until paramedics arrived.

Maureen added: “His shirt was covered in blood and he kept telling me to look at him, not at the injury. But when the paramedics came he just seemed to disappear and I never got a chance to thank him.

“My memory of that stage is just a series of images and the next thing I knew was when I arrived at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. I was in complete shock.”

The accountant, who lives with husband Sandy in Garthill Gardens, Falkirk, has since been told that she had been taken to the best health facility in the country to deal with the plastic surgery that she needed.

On the Saturday she had a skin graft taken from her thigh to repair the damage to her right foot and lower leg.

She said: “Next day, when I asked the surgeon how many stitches I’d needed, he said ‘hundreds’, but he’s done a phenomenal job.”

The mother-of-four grown up sons was allowed home three days after her accident to recuperate.

Now she is desperate to find her helpful hero who was planning to travel on the 1953 train between Glasgow Queen Street and Falkirk Grahamston via Cumbernauld on Friday, October 14.

He is described as late 40s to early 50s with dark hair and was wearing a dark suit and white shirt.

Maureen added: “He definitely must have had first aid or medical training because he certainly knew what to do and for that I’m very grateful.

“However, I never even had a chance to ask his name.

“As well as passing on my own thanks, my family want to express their gratitude. Without him, I don’t how bad my injury could have been.”

A spokesman for ScotRail which manages Queen Street station said: “Our on-train staff acted appropriately by immediately summoning emergency services and station staff attended to the customer.

“A full investigation, including a review of the CCTV images, is well under way. "

Did you come to Maureen’s aid or know the person who did? Contact The Falkirk Herald editorial on (01324) 690243 to pass on details to her.