Tamfourhill pair take to the hills to raise cash for the poor

Barry Cunningham and Michael Holmes completed the Wolftrek in 15 hours 45 minutes
Barry Cunningham and Michael Holmes completed the Wolftrek in 15 hours 45 minutes

Two friends’ decision to get fitter, ended up taking them up a mountain in the dark in a torrential downpour.

Barry Cunningham (32) and Michael Holmes (33) completed Wolftrek earlier this month - a 43 mile Highland route-march from Forres to the Cairngorms done through the night - to raise money for the Wildhearts Foundation.

The pair, who both work with Michael’s steel fabrication company, FVF Limited, decided to sign up for the challenge to get fit and raise money for a good cause.

Michael, dad to Michael (5) and Harry (3) from Tamfourhill, said: “The conditions on the walk were arduous, it was a very rainy night and walking for hours through the darkness when you are soaked isn’t much fun.

“But the feeling when you finish is incredible, it made the 15 hours of hiking all worthwhile.”

Barry, from Camelon added: “My boots let me down and my feet got wet and covered in blisters. I’d change socks and they’d be soaked again in minutes.

“It’s a huge mental challenge to keep plodding on in the darkness with just your headlamp to see with - reaching the finishing line was amazing though, it was a total rush.”

They set off on the Wolftrek at 5 p.m. on August 2 and finally reached the Cairngorm Ski Centre 15 hours 45 minutes later.

They raised £460 for Glasgow-based charity Wildhearts Foundation to provide micro loans for some of the world’s poorest people. The small loans help people living in poverty to start a business and generate their own income.

Barry and Michael are now training for their next challenge, Rat Race Coast to Coast. A two-day long bike ride covering 105 miles from Nairn in the east to Glencoe in the west.