Strathcarron Hospice: ‘It’s a braw place’

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This week, hospices across the UK celebrate Hospice Care Week – an opportunity to highlight our work and challenge people’s perceptions of hospice care.

Hospices are an incredible part of the care that many people experience at the end of life.

They developed because people up and down the UK wanted something better for people who were dying – and each one developed to fit the needs of their local communities and their individual patients. They are a synergy of a wide range of people – staff, carers, volunteers and supporters – all coming together to create a service that is bespoke for each patient and their family.

Strathcarron has nearly 200 staff and 400 volunteers and all are expert in their roles, from symptom control to cooking a tempting meal.

We provide a very complex specialist service but in the midst of this there is a very strong and clear ethos of what really matters – humanity, dignity and responsive care. Hospice care is about so much more than medicine and practical issues – it’s about people, families memories, goals and making every moment count.

Here at Strathcarron, we are Hospice Care. We have been asking those who spend time at the hospice but who don’t actually work there to share their thoughts hospice care.

Gary has spent three weeks here up-grading our fire alarm system.

Having never visited before he described his first impression as: “Strathcarron is almost like a family.

‘‘Everyone from reception staff to nursing staff to volunteers are just so welcoming and caring.”

A patient receiving end of life care described the hospice as a “Braw Place.” Enough said!