Murray recovers to make his mark

Tattoo artist Murray Robertson has returned to work following brain surgery
Tattoo artist Murray Robertson has returned to work following brain surgery

When tattoo artist Murray Robertson experienced blinding headaches and passing out, he blamed bad posture.

But it transpired the Grangemouth business owner had swelling on his brain – a potentially fatal condition.

Murray (47) was rushed to have surgery at Edinburgh Western Infirmary to have part of his brain removed and now, just two months later, is back at Studio IV in La Porte Precinct.

Murray, who works with daughter Katt, geometric tattoo specialist Craig Mercer and apprentice Sophie McNab, appreciates how lucky he is to have made a full recovery.

He said: “I was getting severe headaches and kept collapsing and doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong. I was told it was my posture or stress but eventually they discovered I had a swollen brain and had to be operated on immediately.”

The condition causes the gap for the central nervous systems to become too small and eventually sufferers can slip into a coma and even die.

Doctors removed part of Murray’s brain to allow more space and he has made a full recovery and is back at work.

Murray said: “The team at Edinburgh Western is one of the best in the country and they did a great job.

“Obviously it’s daunting when they tell you they are taking a piece of your brain away but the operation was a success and apart from getting tired easily, I’m back to normal.”

Murray was a motorbike mechanic and drew historically accurate illustrations for media such as The History Channel in his spare time before becoming a tattoo artist.

When quality tattoos became more popular, he opened his own studio and welcomes clients from all over the world to get permanently inked.

Murray recently tattooed Falkirk’s most famous landmark, the Kelpies, on local man David Moran and Craig has gathered thousands of followers on social media for his style of inking. Katt (22) recently won an award for best tattoo at the Sheffield Tattoo Convention.