Mum hits out at NHS after potentially fatal brain clot was diagnosed as headache

Jacqueline Rae at home in Brightons with daughter Nicole''Picture: Michael Gillen (141484f)
Jacqueline Rae at home in Brightons with daughter Nicole''Picture: Michael Gillen (141484f)

A mum with a potentially fatal brain clot has complained to NHS chiefs, claiming she was told her headaches were caused by her medication.

An internal investigation has been launched after Jacqueline Rae’s family protested about the treatment she received from her GP and in Forth Valley Royal.

The mum-of-one said it was only when her own parents, David and Violet Allan of Grangemouth, insisted she have a CT scan that the cause of her severe pain was found.

She said: “That came after six months of me being told it was caused by the medication I am on, then an abscess that I developed on my leg was blamed.

“It was only after it had been removed and I had been discharged, and the head pain was still so severe that an NHS 24 doctor sent me back to hospital by ambulance.”

The next day Jacqueline (38), who lives in Brightons with husband David (40) and daughter Nicole (13), was about to be discharged when she contacted her parents.

She added: “They came to the hospital and when the doctor said he was going to reduce the medication I am on for my back, they demanded that I have a CT scan. He eventually agreed but I still had to go home and come back for it the following day.

“While I was waiting for the results, the staff said they wanted to do a more indepth scan and that’s when alarm bells began to ring.

“After that one of the nurses came and asked me to go into an office. She said I had a blood clot in a vein in my head but said it was not her area of expertise and it should have been a doctor telling me, not her.”

Jacqueline, a former childminder, was admitted to hospital for blood thinning injections and also had to have a lumber puncture before being released last week. She then attended hospital for several days to have her blood levels monitored.

She said: “I’ve had numerous apologies, but not from my GP. However, if my parents hadn’t insisted on the CT scan and the clot not been discovered, I’ve been told that I could have had a massive stroke at any time.

“I want to highlight what happened in the hope no-one else has a similar experience.”

A spokesperson for NHS Forth Valley said: “We are very sorry that this family is unhappy with the care and treatment they received. We take all complaints seriously and are currently looking into the issues raised to enable us to respond to the family directly.”