Live life better to make a real difference

Tony McLaren
Tony McLaren

It’s National Living Life Day today (Thursday) when everyone in Scotland is being encouraged to make small changes to their routine for better mental health.

Whether it’s through exercise, relaxation, or time with family and friends, taking some time out to do something you enjoy can have real benefits for your emotional wellbeing.

Tony McLaren, national co-ordinator of NHS Living Life, the service which is leading the initiative, said: “It’s easy to neglect your mental health and find yourself in a bit of a rut. Simple activities like taking a lunchtime walk or finding time for a coffee with a friend can help put everyday problems in perspective and help you regain your emotional balance.”

National Living Life Day will also raise awareness of NHS Living Life, a free service providing over-the-phone therapy for anyone in Scotland experiencing mild to moderate stress or anxiety.

To find out more about NHS Living Life visit, or phone 0800 328 9655 – lines are open Monday-Friday from, 1pm-9pm.