Group focus on older people

Val Hunter, right
Val Hunter, right

A community group is changing its constitution to focus solely on helping older people across Falkirk.

The Carron Connect Partnership charity, which is based in Bainsford, will reform as Carron Connections Sofia (Sharing Opportunities Friendship Involvement & Activities) with a relaunch event taking place on Monday.

The charity already played a major part in caring for the welfare of older people in the Bainsford, Langlees and Carron areas by providing healthy activities to keep senior citizens active and valued in their communities.

Volunteers previously organised other events and projects for communities as a whole, however, due to a lack of resources, emphasis will now be on those aged over 55.

The charity will also extend its services and activities to older people right across the town.

Organiser Val Hunter (66), who has carried out volunteer work in the Bainsford and Langlees area for over 40 years, said: “We had really good ideas for communities but we just don’t have the ability to do them so we’ve had to change our constitution to focus on older people.

“We have people coming along to our bingo and tea dance afternoons from all over Falkirk and from care homes so we decided to branch out there as well.”

The relaunch is being held in Bainsford Community Hall in David’s Loan on Monday at 1pm. For more information contact Val on (01324) 679795.