Gregor helps send poppies on their way

Gregor Townsend MBE took part in the charity's 'National Uplift'.
Gregor Townsend MBE took part in the charity's 'National Uplift'.

Scotland national rugby head coach Gregor Townsend MBE visited Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory (LHPF) to be a part of the Poppyscotland ‘National Uplift’.

The special occasion marks the day that the 4,500,000 poppies begin the journey to the four corners of the country ahead of the 2017 Scottish Poppy Appeal.

Gregor has previously done his bit for Poppyscotland by taking part in the Hearts and Heroes Challenge – a 12-hour walking challenge in the Borders – and he encouraged the charity’s supporters to go the extra mile this year.

Gregor said: “It is humbling to know that each and every poppy has been hand-produced by a disabled veteran. I am staggered at the size and scale of the operation to get these shipped in time for the appeal starting next month.

“The veterans who work in the factory have gone the extra mile for us and I would encourage everyone to challenge themselves go the extra mile in support of this year’s Scottish Poppy Appeal.”

Gordon Michie, head of fundraising at Poppyscotland, said: “The national uplift is a major milestone for us.

“It marks the culmination of a year of hard work by our veterans and means our biggest fundraiser is just around the corner.”