Epilepsy move backed by Falkirk politicians

MSP Angus MacDonald puts himself in the frame
MSP Angus MacDonald puts himself in the frame

Politicians have been putting themselves in the picture to raise awareness of epilepsy.

Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald framed his face as he gave his support to the 54,000 people in Scotland who live with the condition.

He and other MSPs were photographed to reflect National Epilepsy Week’s ‘many faces of epilepsy’ theme.

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Epilepsy is the most common serious neurological condition in the world.

Mr MacDonald said: “Epilepsy affects men, women and children from every ethnic group and social status.

“The outlook is brighter for those whose seizures are managed well with medication.

“The picture is less rosy for almost a fifth, whose epilepsy care could be further improved, while the remainder face a difficult time as do their families and carers, due to uncontrolled seizures.

“Epilepsy Scotland is calling on the Scottish Government to tackle this treatment gap. This would save the NHS money and afford an improved quality of life for thousands of families,” he added.