Clinic will put mums to be in the picture

Dr Feguson launches new clinic in Falkirk
Dr Feguson launches new clinic in Falkirk

Mums in Falkirk are to be offered a state-of-the-art 4D scanning service which will let them see in colour and in real time how their babies are progressing at any stage of their pregnancy.

The first private ultrasound clinic in Falkirk will be provided by The Antenatal Babyscan Clinic (ABC4D) in West Bridge Street and headed by consultant obstetrician gynaecologist Dr Evelyn Ferguson.

She said: “Pregnancy is a deeply worrying time for all women, even if everything is going according to plan. ABC4D will allow them to reassure themselves and also help share their experience with family and friends.”

The company will provide 2D, 3D and 4D imaging, colour photographs, DVD recordings, a range of baby image accessories and smartphone downloads as well as non-invasive Harmony testing for Down Syndrome, fertility scans and hypnobirthing classes in a spa-like clinic using the latest equipment.

Unlike the NHS, which limits views of scans to the mother and partner, ABC4D will be able to accommodate extended families who can watch the scan on a high definition viewing screen.

Dr Ferguson said: “The NHS provides a fantastic service for pregnant women but, logistically, can’t offer women lots of scans, especially if they are healthy and well. ABC4D will allow women the opportunity to reassure themselves without bothering the midwife services.”

Babyscans can be booked online now at or by calling 0800 999 5123.