Carina is playing it for laughs at the Kelpies

Fibromyalgia is usually no laughing matter, but Carina MacLeod will aim to raise a smile at a special awareness event at the Kelpies on Saturday next week (May 12).

The Hebridean comedienne (possibly the only woman who can do stand-up comedy in Gaelic as well as English) will be backing Fibro Friends United Scotland in their bid to shed light on a painful condition few - except those forced to live with it - may have heard of until now.

Carina Macleod.

Carina Macleod.

Of her show “Fibro my Airth” she says: “The only thing you can do is try and find the funny side of it”.

She has described the disease as “having pain every day from the soles of my feet right up to my head”.

Glasgow Comedy Festival star Carina was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis after suffering years of acute pain all over her body, describing it as “having pain every day from the soles of my feet right up to my head”.

Now she’s fronting what will be FFU-Scotland’s first ever Fibromyalgia awareness week, with the grand finale (from 1pm) at the Kelpies,

The organisation is a non-profit social enterprise providing, education, advocacy and support to people living with Fibromyalgia across Scotland.

The day will end with the Kelpies lit up in purple from 7.30pm.

FFU-Scotland says there are around 300,000 in Scotland with the condition, which is a long term Central Nervous System Syndrome - about six per cent of the population.

The day will include a children’s butterfly hunt, face painting by Glasgow Happy Faces, merchandise and handmade crafts, information and support stand and volunteer collectors.