Headache over who owns problem Stenhousemuir land

Neighbours are trying to find out who owns land
Neighbours are trying to find out who owns land

Residents are up in arms after a hole appeared in a grassy area outside their homes - and nobody will take responsibility for making it safe.

Falkirk Council put a fence around it to keep people, particularly children, out but said as the land didn’t belong to them they didn’t have to fix it.

But the grassy area between Adam Crescent and Lodge Drive in Stenhousemuir has been regularly maintained by council gardeners for years, said locals.

People living near the area have been unable to find out who owns it.

They are also unhappy about the state of a nearby car park which again they said used to be maintained by the local authority.

One resident said: “When we contacted the council they told us it was unadopted land and they didn’t have a responsibility for maintaining it. However, that hasn’t helped us and we don’t know who should be looking after it.”

The houses were built around 50 years ago and those currently living in them believe the original building company, which could still own the land, has changed hands several times.

Although the council said it was not their responsibility, they are willing to work with the homeowners through the Orphan Land Project which allows people to take over and maintain areas of ground.

A Falkirk Council spokesperson said: “This piece of land doesn’t belong to the council and regrettably, it is not the council’s responsibility to maintain it. However in the interest of public safety, we have erected safety fencing around the hole which recently appeared on the grass area. The responsibility for maintaining the area lies with the landowner.

“There is an opportunity for the local community, if they are keen to take on the maintenance of this land, to contact the Litter Strategy Team for information about its Orphan Land Project.”