Head teacher so proud of pupils’ efforts at Falkirk High

Head teacher Keith Webster and guest speaker BUPA's Andrew Smith join proxime accessits Abby Miller and Emma Walker and dux Josie Shirra
Head teacher Keith Webster and guest speaker BUPA's Andrew Smith join proxime accessits Abby Miller and Emma Walker and dux Josie Shirra

Featuring special guest speaker Andrew Smith of BUPA, last week’s prize giving ceremony was an unforgettable night for school dux Josie Shirra and joint proxime accessits Abby Miller and Emma Walker, as they proved to be the cream of quite a high achieving crop.

Head teacher Keith Webster stated he was proud of all his pupils and staff.

He also highlighted the school’s priorities for the year ahead, including improving opportunities for pupils to lead and take responsibility for their own learning and progress and ensuring pupils in S1, S2 and S3 experience a suitably broad and challenging curriculum leading into appropriate pathways through to the senior phase of the school.

He added: “To all of our prize winners I would like to say well done. You have certainly done the best that you can do over the course of last session and, as you will know, that is my challenge to all the pupils in this school – do the best that you can do in all things.

“You should all be very proud of yourselves and remember above all that, if you have tried your best, there is no such thing as failure. Not to have tried is true failure.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the people in the Falkirk High community. Our fantastic staff never cease to amaze me with their commitment to making this the best learning environment it can be.

“We have put a lot of effort into promoting the life of the school and the achievements of our pupils and staff, including through an increased use of social media, and I feel that is certainly starting to pay off with a generally positive view of the school in the wider community being regularly communicated to me.

“We also continue to place a great emphasis with pupils on the importance of respecting their school and I feel that, since the turn of this year particularly, there are signs our young people are beginning to get on board with this message.”

The efforts of pupils outside the school gates were also mentioned, as they organised fundraising events for charities and organisations including Strathcarron Hospice, Comic Relief, Children in Need and Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Youngsters also excelled in the sporting arena as the school continues to develop its partnerships with Falkirk Fury Basketball Club, Falkirk Rugby Club and Falkirk Football Club.

Mr Webster said: “These links have helped us to provide great opportunities for our pupils to participate in sport and with a great degree of success. Adding in the range of dance activities we provide alongside opportunities to take part in athletics, horse riding and rowing provides us with a rich variety of active experiences to assist us in our aim of fostering an active and healthy environment.”

Falkirk High School Awards 2015:



Eva Adrian, Joel Anderson, Shalona Anderson, Kaleem Anwar, Alicia Barrett, Douglas Beattie, Katelyn Bennet, Caitlin Berney, Jason Bird, Myran Blackadder, Boston Blair, Karina Borg Grech, Coll Braid, Finlay Broadley, Skye Burnside, Caitlin Cairns, Ryan Campbell, Cole Cattanach, Rachel Chung, Cara Clark, Kyle Clark, Kymberley Clark, Kristopher Cooke, Lucy Duff, Alice Dunn, Cameron Fleming, Rebecca Grimshaw, Olivia Hall, Aidan Hannah, Josh Hartley, Luke Harvie, Cameron Heggie, Rebecca Hogg, Matthew Hoy, Callum Hunter, Tylier Hutchison, Adam Ingram, Kellie Irons, Cameron Irvine, Aaron Jarvie, Jack Johnston, Colleen Kearns, Heidi Kelso, Jade Kinloch, Joe Kromer, Robert Laidlaw, Georgia Laing, Rachel Laird, Aaron Laurie, Abbie Law, Katie Lenathen, Matthew Lipsett, Stephanie Lochrie, Kieran Longmuir, Demi-Louise Love, Eilidh MacLennan, Jaye Marchi, Ali Mayes, Morgan McClintock, Craig McDonald, Jane McGuire, Teegan McKay, Lois McKean, Brogan McKinlay, Kerr McLaren, Jacob McLuckie, James Morrison, Bence Muller, Kyle Neary, Hazel Neill, Jessica Peacock, Taylor Penman, Alexander Phillips, Mathew Phillips, Catherine Pollock, Adam Qurban, Lucy Raby, Luke Ritchie, Sophie Robertson, Cameron Robertson, Joshua Roy, Sean Russell, Megan Salmond, Kirsten Scott, Shakira Sharpe, Rose Sinclair, Jessica Smart, Jude Smith, Lauren Sneddon, Serena Sportelli, Callum Stevenson, Gabrielle Tadla, Stewart Thomson, Chloe Thorley, Lucy Todd, Abigail Traill, Amy Upfold, Chiara Watt, Josh Whittet, Kianne Wilson, Amy Wynd,


Aimee Alexander, Tiana Ananieva, Jack Anderson, Morgan Anderson, Lucie Arneil, Taylor Beattie, Eilidh Bell, Greg Bird, Andrew Boyne, Oran Brockie, Elliot Bullough,

Rowan Burrow, Amy Clyne, Aisha Conateh, Claire Crease, Cameron Croall, Sophie Day, Ruth Easton, Chelsie Eaton, Cameron Emslie, Kara Ewing, Adam Fairlie, Brooke Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson, Emma Finlay, Amy Geurts, Amy Gladstone, Glen Graham, Aoibhinn Greene, Morven Hylands, Gregor Johnston, Rene Johnston, Yasmine Johnstone, John Kemp

Charlie Kinnon, Katie Knight, Eleanor Laing, Niamh Lanigan, Matthew Lunn, Jamie MacDonald, Cameron MacKenzie, Lucy MacKinnon, Sam MacLeod, Karla Mallis, Glen Mason

Katie Maxwell, Riley McChesney, Lucy McGee, Hannah McGowan, Laura McKenna, Iona McLauchlan, Carrie Miller, Chloe Mitchell, Luke Nelson, Katie O’Donnell, Kieran O’Rourke

Adam Park, Brad Pollock, Neve Reynolds, Jenna Smith, Louis Smith, Tanisha Smith, Elliott Snaddon, Bradley Snow, Lisamarie Stewart, Michael Struthers, Ruby Summers, Katie Vause, Taylor Wallis, Liam Wells, Marc White, Anna Whyte, Zoe Williams, Lewis Wilson, Rachel Wood, Stuartie Wright, Chloe Young


Kenneth Allan, Courtney Allardyce, Chelsea Anderson, Gemma Anderson, Lewis Arthur, Oswin Ashwood, Steven Bell, Craig Bowness, Aaron Bumstead, Niamh Caleary, Samantha Chalmers, Sasha Chatburn, Aidan Cook, Kimberley Cunningham, Shannen Davidson, Iain Duncan, Steven Dunseath, Robbie Faulds, Abbie Ferguson, Karla Ferguson, Gemma Ferrie,

Kieran Findlay, Katie Findlay, Gillian Forsyth, Caitlin Fulton, Ethan Glen, Jordan Gray, Rebecca Hall, Skye Hamilton, Zachary Hastings, Hannah Henderson, Emma Jenkins,

Sam Johnston, Marcus Jones, Roxane Jones, Ethan Lee, Courtney Letham, Robbie MacIsaac, Jamie McAllister, Amy McCulloch, Ross McDonald, Ben McGinlay, Amber McQuade, Claudia Mitchell, Eireann Moss, Oliver Nisbet, Julia Pawlak, Scott Richardson-Peat, Dustin Riegel, Beth Robertson, Mark Smith, Mitchell Stirling, Jay Tamburrini

Sam Walker, Cameron Walker, Anna Wood, Ashlea Wright


Chloe Alexander, Mhairi Anderson, Ciaran Barr, Georgia Brown, Megan Brown, Ross Brown, Jamie Bryant, Mark Buist, Xena Buntain, Liam Chung, Sophie Cieply, Lauren Comrie

Cameron Derks, Gregor Dodd, Chloe Edwards, Aarron Findlay, Morgan Forbes, Megan Grant, Emma Harley, Amy Hartley, Meighan Irvine, Lisa Johnson, Cameron Laird, Keith Lanigan, Stephanie Larkin, Glen Macarthur, Sam Macmillan, Ross Marchi, Craig McFarlane, Sam McHale, Samantha McKinlay, Brandon McRae, James Miller, Elliot Minto, James Ovens, Sinead Penn, Liam Pitcaithly, Katie Raffan, Euan Reap, Ellen Ree, Yvonne Reid, Kelsey Roddan, Lauren Scobbie, Jay Scott, Hannah Simpson, Caitlin Sinclair, Gavin Smith, Abby Stevenson, Katrina Surovec, Andrew Walker, Chelsea Wright


Ewan Allison, Alasdair Anderson, Brittany Barclay, Emma Beattie, Lauren Buist, William Campbell, Shauni Cassidy, Calum Cook, Daniel Courtney, Calum Fairbairn, Clare Gillies, Emma Gilmour, Danielle Hargreaves, Corey Hay, Heather Henderson, Amy Hogg, Ryan Ingram, Reagan Jordan, Abi Kyle, Hannah Lee, Kieran Lees, Chloe Lenathen, Natasha Leslie, Alex Macdonald, Craig MacDonald, Michael McBride, Kennice McDougall, Gary McLean, Regan Marshall, Stuart Mitchell, Sarah Moffat, Jade O’Brien, Blair Paterson, Jack Paterson, Keir Penman, Grant Pollock, Tate Reynolds, Elise Robertson, Matthew Rowan, Robert Ryan, Katie Scott, Dawn Sharp, Abbie Spence, Ewan Thomson,

Chloe Walker, Liam Young


Rachel Baird, Niamh Barr, Megan Bell, Mhairi Bell, Shannon Blyth, Jamie Brewster, Scott Bryce, Scott Carswell, Stephen Chalmers, Zoe Cockburn, Leanne Cunningham

Chelsea Gardiner, Laurie Glen, Victoria Gray, Andrew Greenaway, Eden Hamilton, Craig Hume, Dean Jamieson, Euan Laird, Rebecca Lapsley, Jozef MacIntosh, Jack Miller, Jordyn Montgomery, Bethany Morrison, Hollie Nimmo, Blair Nisbet, Emma Paterson, Ryan Pitcaithly, Hannah Reid, Natasha Scobbie, Jennifer Smith, Jake Tadla, Jordan Whiteside, Shelley Young



Katie Lyons (William Miller Memorial Prize for Chemistry)

Katie Lyons (Prize for Biology)

Niamh Ferguson (Prize for Physics)

Niamh Ferguson (Joint Prize for French)

Niamh Ferguson (Joint Prize for Mathematics)

Lana Kemp (Joint Prize for Mathematics)

Lana Kemp (Elder Prize for Excellence in PE)

Lana Kemp (Prize for Modern Business)

Lana Kemp (Prize for Modern Studies)

Lana Kemp (Prize for Business Management)

Lana Kemp (Prize for Drama)

Flora Smith (Joint Prize for French)

Flora Smith (Prize for History)

Ewan Farquhar (Prize for Geography)

Alexander Watt (Joint Prize for English)

Amy Scott (Joint Prize for English)

Amy Scott (Joint Prize for Spanish)

Iona Roy (Joint Prize for Spanish)

Iona Roy (Joint Prize Graphic Communication)

Iona Roy (Prize for Art and Design)

Kimberley Wyllie (Prize for Design & Manufacture)

Johdi McEwan (Prize for Engineering Science)

Cameron Duff (Prize for Computing)

Neil MacLennan (Prize for Music)

Jodie Kidd (Prize for Health and Food Technology)

Jodie Kidd (Prize for National Progression Award Dance)

Jordyn Bryce (Prize for Hospitality)


Kyle Crooks (Joint Prize for Art and Design)

Matilda Sandground (Joint Prize for Art and Design)

Louise Freck (Prize for Drama)

Louise Freck (Col. Roy Mathieson Prize for Higher Dance)

Caitlin Brown (Prize for Administration & IT)

Rachel Wright (Prize for Modern Studies)

Rosie Sharma (The Syngenta Prize for Geography)

Amy MacKenzie (Prize for Physics)

Amy MacKenzie (Prize for Graphic Communication)

Amy MacKenzie (Prize for Mathematics)

Jake Cameron (Prize for Biology)

Abby Miller (Prize for Chemistry)

Adam Marshall (Prize for Practical Woodwork)

John McKenna (Prize for Engineering Science)

Emma Walker (Prize for English)

Emma Walker (Elma Steel Prize for History)

Josie Shirra (Prize for French)

Josie Shirra (Prize for Spanish)

Conor Cassidy (Prize for Higher Physical Education)


John Cowan (Prize for History)

Christine McAlpine (Prize for Modern Studies)

Mandy Morton (Prize for Geography)

Mandy Morton (Prize for Administration & IT)

Samantha Cockburn (The Prize for RMPS)

Scott Denny (Joint Prize for Politics)

Casey Smith (Joint Prize for Politics)

Chloe Blackhall (Prize for Art and Design)

Chloe Blackhall (Prize for Higher Health & Food Technology)

Kira Risk (Prize for Practical Cake Craft)

Rebecca Gilbert (Prize for Drama)

Scott Neill (Prize for Ad Higher Graphic Communication)

Scott Neill (Prize for Computing)

Scott Miller (Prize for Advanced Higher English)

Machar Devine (Prize for Advanced Higher Spanish)

Machar Devine (J M Haig Prize for Chemistry)

Machar Devine (Dr W Riggs Prize for Higher Mathematics)

Lauren Buist (MacQuarrie Roberts Prize for Music)

Louise Young (Prize for Business Management)

Supriya Yadav (Prize for Advanced Higher Biology)

Kay McGillivray (Calor Gas Prize for Chemistry)

Callum Falconer (Prize for Advanced Higher Technological Studies)

Callum Falconer (Dr W Riggs Prize for Higher Physics)


Greg Bird (UK Junior Maths Challenge Best in School)

Gavin Smith (UK Intermediate Maths Challenge Best in School)


Johdi McEwan (Arkwright Scholarship Award)

Shannon Coulter (Arkwright Scholarship Award)


Joel Anderson (Jan Gillespie Memorial Trophy for a Water Based Activity)

Rachel Wright (Ogilvie Trophy for Excellence in an Indoor Sport)

Alasdair Anderson (PE Trophy for Excellence in an Outdoor Sport)

Jozef MacIntosh (Falkirk FC Trophy for Excellence in School Sport)

Louise Freck (PE Trophy for Excellence in Dance)

Skye Burnside (1st Year Girls Champion of Athletics)

Sean Russell (1st Year Boys Champion of Athletics)

Kara Ewing (2nd Year Girls Champion of Athletics)

David Aitchison (2nd Year Boys Champion of Athletics)

Shauni Cassidy, Rosie Sharma (Joint Winners of The David L Burt Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Athletics)

Robertson House (The Andrew Scott Memorial Trophy for Senior Boys Tug of War Team)e

Mackay House (Interhouse Sports Day Trophy)


Anna Whyte, Caitlin Sinclair, Cameron Duff, Emily Fraser, Katie Vause, Laura McKenna (National Youth Choir of Scotland)

Sophie MacDonald (Robertson Trophy for Excellence in the Performing Arts)

Scott Neill (Sylvia Wilson Memorial Trophy for Service to the School Show)

Craig Hume (Sports Leader of the Year)

Abbie Spence (Dance Leader of the Year)

Jaye Marchi (Patron of Reading Prize)

Keir Balfour (Closing the Gap Prize for Improvements In Literacy)r

Sean Russell (Miss Clark Prize for Industry and Perseverance – Junior Award)

Mandy Morton (Mr Miller Prize for Industry and Perseverance – Senior Award)

Robbie Marshall (Stuart McDonald Trophy for Endeavour in Technical Subjects)

Victoria Gray (Miss Hunter Prize for Determination and Effort)

Cara Laing (Tom Hunter Memorial Trophy for Photography)


Amy Upfold, Tylier Hutcheson (Joint Eco Citizenship Award)

Louise Young (Duncan McClements Memorial Trophy for Service)

Sean Russell (Duncan Clark Prize for Public Speaking)

Shannon Blyth, Cara Lang (Joint Rotary Club Award for Service)

Kay McGillivray (Invicem Servite Trophy for Service)

Scott Neill (Head Teacher’s Prize for Service)

Terence Whitelaw (Alex Easton Prize for Young People Reaching their Potential)

Mackay House (The John Alexander Memorial House Trophy)


Josie Shirra, Emma Walker, Alasdair Anderson, Craig MacDonald (The Walter Niven Memorial Prize)

Sara Cassidy, Calum Falconer (School Captain Prize)y

Ruth Lang, Blair Paterson (Centenary Trophy Awarded to the School Captains)

Abby Miller, Emma Walker (Joint Prize of Proxime Accessit)

Josie Shirra (George C McKenzie Memorial Prize Dux of Falkirk High School)