Hallglen’s Brandon puts a big smile on Santa’s face

Brandon with his winning design
Brandon with his winning design

A Hallglen schoolboy’s Christmas card design has reached the final four of an ITV competition.

Seven-year-old Brandon McQueen, who is autistic, took up ‘Daybreak’ challenge to ‘Draw Santa’, and his entry was chosen from thousands of designs to be featured on the programme next 

The winning card will be revealed on Friday, December 6, and will be printed and sold in aid of various charities.

Mum Emma said: “I saw the competition advertised on the Friday before the October holiday week and, as we were going away and I needed to get my packing done, I sat Brandon down and asked him to draw me a picture of Santa.

“He drew the most beautiful picture of Santa and a Christmas tree with presents underneath it. It brought a tear to my eye it was so heart-warming. It looks as if Santa is reaching out to cuddle you.”

Producers phoned Emma to let her know Brandon’s card had been chosen and, in October, came to the family’s home to film Brandon drawing and decorating the Christmas tree.

Emma added: “They were brilliant with Brandon. Being autistic he likes to do things certain ways and they gave him the time and space he needed.

“They even brought pastries and doughnuts which went down really well.

“Brandon’s so much more confident in his own ability since he found out and he got a special star award at Hallglen Primary School.

Both Emma and husband Grant are delighted with Brandon’s achievement.

Emma said: “As a parent, I am so proud of Brandon. He brings so much colour to our lives every day of the year. Winning this competition would make Brandon the happiest seven-year-old in the world, and me the proudest mum.”