Group plans to give Grangemouth pond life

21-09-2012. Picture Michael Gillen. GRANGEMOUTH. Zetland Park boating pond. For Calendar.
21-09-2012. Picture Michael Gillen. GRANGEMOUTH. Zetland Park boating pond. For Calendar.

A group hopes suggestions will flood in for the future direction of a public park’s former swimming pool and boating pond.

Friends of Zetland Park is working with Falkirk Council’s operational services to bring the once popular Grangemouth spot back to its former glory and is asking for residents to give opinions and suggestions on the matter.

Jessica Paterson, estates development officer, is working with the Friends of Zetland Park to help them gain external funding to make major improvements to the derelict pond.

She said: “The boating pond with spoil dumped in one end is an eyesore. The Friends, aware the ultimate solution is likely to be expensive and some time off, felt the spoil should be removed and the space kept swept and as tidy as reasonably possible.

“Our grounds maintenance department has agreed to empty the spoil from the boating pond and construct a ramp at one end of the pond to allow the sweeping machine in and out to keep the pond clear of leaves.”

Flooding and poor drainage continues to be a problem in the park and estates services has carried out a full survey.

Jessica said: “The survey discovered there are sections where tree roots are obstructing the water flow and that lines of drainage pipes previously unmapped are being discovered.

“Over the past 12 months, 80 tonnes of gravel has been placed in more than of ten newly-dug soakaways in the site to alleviate the majority of drainage issues the park is faced with.”

John Paterson, head of operational services, said: “Falkirk Council has undertaken a number of improvements within Zetland Park in recent years to address key 
infrastructure issues.

“We will continue to carry out work to improve the infrastructure, which includes drainage and upgraded paths.”