Group of the Week: Nifty Fifties

The Nifty Fifties group in Banknock Community Hall
The Nifty Fifties group in Banknock Community Hall

It’s easy to become inactive when you get older, but there are plenty of groups in the district that help people overcome that problem.

One of them is the Nifty Fifties group which meets in Banknock Community Hall providing a weekly lifeline for those of a certain age.

The group has been running for around five years and due to its popularity has kept growing throughout that time with 52 members now on the books.

Activities going on at the weekly meeting vary from healthy pursuits like zumba and otago exercises - which can be done sitting on a chair - to the more exotic challenges such as belly dancing.Days out are regularly on the agenda to garden centres, museums and fish and chips at Benny T’s in Laurieston.

Members have also recently been treated to papering sessions that have included getting their nails and hair done. They raise money for Strathcarron Hospice too.

WHO: Nifty Fifties

WHERE: Banknock Community Hall, Kilsyth Road, Banknock

WHEN: Every Tuesday from 1 p.m.

CONTACT: Secretary Moira Walls, 07858 347 643

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