Group of the Week: Falkirk Blind Club

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For more than 60 years Falkirk Blind Club has been offering local people with sight problems a lifeline.

The group is now based at Falkirk Stadium after the club hit problems around 10 years ago and still gives individuals and families a refuge to go to every week.

It was in danger of closing down altogether in 2002 leaving the town without a recognised group for the blind, but Falkirk FC’s Dad’s Army rode to the rescue and took over.

And since the group stepped in the club now has a thriving membership of around 50 regulars.

It’s not just a place to go for a sociable cuppa and chat. The club has regular speakers who can help members with difficult issues, as well more informal guests who entertain.

The football club also give members free tickets to watch home matches using headsets to listen to the action while soaking up all the atmosphere.

Murray McIntyre said: “We have members who have went blind overnight so it can be a frightening experience. George Gourlay, the British bowling champion, is also a member.

“The group is a great thing for those who come along and there’s always room for more.”

Who: Falkirk Blind Club

Where: Falkirk Stadium

When: Every Tuesday, from 1 p.m.

Contact: Murray McIntyre, (01324) 625567 or e-mail

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