Group of the Week: East Stilringshire Angling Club

East Stirlingshire Angling Club
East Stirlingshire Angling Club

If you’re angling for a new hobby then one local fishing club could be a line of enquiry to consider.

East Stirlingshire Angling Club is thought to be the world’s second oldest fishing club - there’s an older one in India apparently - and is one of the biggest and best known in the Forth Valley.

The club has around 14 outings every year when the 60 members travel around the country’s top fishing spots in a bid to tight lines on the biggest fish.

The annual competition also sees the six top performing members compete against counterparts form the Laurieston group for the Taylor Trophy.

The group’s Jim young said: “It’s our 130th anniversary year this year so it shows you how successful we have been over the years.

“We are open to all ages and have a long tradition of father and son members. We can help teach young people how to fish right, discipline and how to respect the landscape.”

WHO: East Stirlingshire Angling Club

WHERE: Various locations throughout Scotland

WHEN: Trips every fortnight

CONTACT: Jim Young - 07806 773 071

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