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Brighten Up Langlees & Bainsford (BULB)

As local residents start to take more responsibility for the facilities in their communities, one group is grasping the opportunity to spruce up theirs.

The Brighten Up Langlees & Bainsford (BULB) group has recently been formed to help give the area a makeover and make parts of it safer for children.

Among their current projects is to help regenerate an orphan land site next to the shop in Seaforth Road. Like most communities in the district, there are open spaces in the area which need a little TLC.

The land has been empty for around 12 years and with the help of dedicated local women and Falkirk Council, the group is proposing to make the land safe by putting in a road safety circuit children can use for educational purposes.

It also needs a general sprucing up and the group is open to other ideas for its use.

Sarah Stow, who helps run the group, said: “This is a great community-led project with local people wanting to do their best and ensure their community is safe and pleasant.

“The members have been out chapping on doors to consult with householders and have the support of people living in the area.”

WHO: Brighten Up Langlees & Bainsford

where: The Sub, David’s Loan

WHEN: Every week

CONTACT: Sarah Stow, (01324) 501462 or

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