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Bainsford Holiday Club

Everyone enjoys a holiday from the humdrum of everyday life and one local group makes sure its members always get away from it all.

The Bainsford Holiday Club is run for older people as a social group for friendship and companionship and has been popular with local residents for over 40 years.

It was started by Pastor Robertson and workers from the British Aluminium (BA) plant for their families, and current members are keeping the tradition going.

The popular group has 74 members who enjoy weekly meetings indulging in various activities from music and dancing to talks from guest speakers.

Members also prop up their holiday funds every week saving their pennies for the annual trip for seven days away somewhere nice.

Previous holidays have been in St Anne’s in England and Llandudno in Wales and this year’s one will see members going back to Llandudno because they have enjoyed it so much before.

The group also enjoy an annual day trip in May or June with members going to Kirkcaldy and St Andrews in June. The club’s Jean Lyon said: “The group isn’t just for people from Bainsford. Everyone is welcome.”

WHO: Bainsford Holiday Club

where: Bainsford Community Centre, David’s Loan

WHEN: Every Thursday, 1.45 p.m.

CONTACT: Jean Lyon on (01324) 627827

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