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Falkirk Camera Club

These days photographs are all around us on the likes of social media and shop windows, but the art and science of the hobby and profession is what grabs members of Falkirk Camera Club.

The club has been around since 1889 to form an amateur photographic association aiming to encourage “the advancement of photographic art and science and the mutual improvement of the members”.

These days instant snapshots are taken on anything from mobile phones and digital cameras to disposable ones, but while most of us take them for fun, there is a unique skill to be learned.

The Falkirk group is one of many in the area which meets to develop the skills of amateur photographers through a series of activities including competitions, practical workshops, days out to photograph places and things of interest and scenic landscapes, as well as having guest speakers.

The club has a strong mentoring system and also runs exhibitions showcasing members’ diverse work.

WHO: Falkirk Camera Club

where: Erskine Church Hall, Hodge Street, Falkirk

WHEN: Every Thursday, 7.30 p.m.


To be our Group of the Week us or call 01324 690249.