Great gran says pollution issue in Denny must be tackled

Jean, pictured with husband Alan, says the pollution from vehicles is making her ill
Jean, pictured with husband Alan, says the pollution from vehicles is making her ill

Pensioner Jean Gardner claims traffic lights outside her home are making her see ‘red’.

When the great-grandmother moved into Winchester Drive in Denny 13 years ago she had open space to look out onto and enjoy.

But now she says her view is of lorries and cars queuing nose to tail waiting to get through the traffic lights yards from her front door - and the pollution the hold-ups are causing are making her ill.

The 73-year-old is demanding Falkirk Council take action to spare her and her neighbours more misery.

She said: “I love my home and living in the area, but the fumes from the vehicles that use the road day and night is affecting my health. It has made staying here an issue, it’s not as enjoyable as it once was.

“The playing fields that were here when we moved in have gone to make way for the new Denny High School, a roundabout and traffic lights. The result is a constant flow of traffic, morning and night.

“There are cars dropping pupils off and collecting them, heavy lorries using the road to get in and out of the industrial estate at Winchester Avenue and even the opening of the Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert has added to the congestion.

“When there is no wind the smell is absolutely chronic, it’s there the whole time.

“In the summer you can’t sit outside because of the pollution and the dust. It means you have to keep your windows closed and think before you put a washing out.”

Jean, who has been married to husband Alan (72), for 54 years, and has three children, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, added: “The doctor has told me it’s damaging my health. I think I’m fairly fit for my age, but had to go through some operations on my nose that the surgeon said were caused by the fumes.”

A council spokesman said: “Our review and assessment of the air quality in the Denny area indicates there are no significant issues of concern with regards to air pollution from vehicles.

“We aren’t aware of Mrs Gardner’s concerns to date, but more than happy to discuss the matter further if she would like to get in touch with our environmental health team.”

Jean would like to see a by-pass road built to ease the pressure on Winchester Avenue and nearby Broad Street.

The Falkirk Council Local Plan includes provision for the Denny Eastern Access Road (DEAR) to be built to tackle rising traffic volumes.

The first phase from Broad Street to the new high school – paid for by the council – has been completed, but the rest will have to be funded by contributions from developers who want to build houses in the area.

The new route would include works on Duke Street, Nethermains and Castlerankine Road, Broad Street east of Winchester Avenue and Springfield Road, Mydub and Longcroft/Dennyloanhead.

Other sites which could generate traffic that would impact on Denny Cross will also be expected to make a contribution to the overall cost.