Grans set diamond couple off on their way

If it had not been for their grannies' intervention over 60 years ago a Falkirk couple may not have been celebrating their diamond anniversary this week.

Nan and Murray McIntyre celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary this week
Nan and Murray McIntyre celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary this week

Murray and Nan McIntyre were married on April 22, 1957 – two days before Falkirk FC won the Scottish Cup, as Murray is quick to point out – and they went on to enjoy six decades of happiness.

Their fortunes as a married couple certainly outshone what the Bairns accomplished on the football pitch, although Falkirk fan Murray (82) would not admit that.

The couple first met when they performed together as teenagers in the Bohemians Opera Company.

Murray, originally from Kirkcaldy, said: “We were in two or three shows together – I was 16 and in the chorus and Nan was a dancer.”

The pair were destined to spend their life together, but their grandparents – and Nan for that matter – were not taking anything to chance.

“We were walking together and I met Nan’s grandmother,” said Murray. “Nan introduced me as her intended. It looked like she had decided I was the one.”

“And Murray’s grandmother decided the same thing,” laughed Nan (83).

After Murray’s unsuccessful pursuit of a career in law, the couple actually worked together at George Inglis and Co printers for over 30 years, Murray working in sales and Nan rising to the role of financial director before they retired.

While she was working Nan put aside some money in a fund and when she and Murray finally called it a day, they used the money to go on a world tour.

The well-travelled pair have visited China, New Zealand and the USA to name but a few.

As well as his obsession with Falkirk FC, Murray is president of Falkirk Blind Club, which meets on a Tuesday at Falkirk Stadium.

Nan said she was “counting her blessings” over her life together with Murray and put the secret of their long marriage to her ability to “put up with a Falkirk supporter” and “working at it”.

The couple will mark their 60 years together with a special night at Glenbervie House Hotel with some friends.