Grangemouth’s Pippi is a prize winner

Polly and Erin Greer with Pippi the Chipoo
Polly and Erin Greer with Pippi the Chipoo

It takes a special animal to win The Falkirk Herald’s Star Pets 2013 contest.. and that’s just what Pippi the Chipoo is.

A cute-as-a-button cross between a chihuahua and a poodle, two-year-old Pippi lives with the Greer family in Victoria Road, Grangemouth, and was entered into Star Pets by her best pal Polly (14).

Little did the Grangemouth High School pupil know when she completed and returned the form back in October last year that Pippi would make it into the top 20 pets in December and then crack the final 10 before picking up the prestigious title.

She said: “We had always wanted another dog after our family pet passed away years ago and we got Pippi when she was just a pup no more than the size of your hand.”

“We entered her in dog competitions ages ago and she came close to the top, but this is the first thing she has ever won.

“We will probably buy Pippi a wee present to celebrate. That’s what we do on her birthday and at Christmas.”

Hopefully the success will not go to Pippi’s head, but she was already a bit of a pampered pooch before she won the title.

Polly said: “We all take turns walking her, but she only goes out a couple of times a day because she gets too cold. She does have lots of coats though.

“Over Christmas she was wearing her Christmas pudding coat.”

Although Star Pets is judged on looks and the cute factor and not so much on talent, Pippi does have one skill that she shows off on a regular basis for Polly, big sister Erin and mum Karoline.

Polly said: “She sits down and you ask for her paw, then she gives you a high five.”

It was high fives all round in the Greer household when they heard the good news.

Karoline said: “Everywhere we go with Pippi, people just love her.”

The Falkirk Herald was inundated with entries for this year’s Star Pets contest and Pippi faced some stiff competition from all creatures great and small.

The 2013 top 20 line-up included a Santa hat-wearing cat called Franki, a cool pooch called Alfie sporting a pair of shades, a black lab called Jasper grasping a stuffed cat, a toy dog called Lexi sitting in a tea cup and a parrot called Elvis.

Herald editor Colin Hume said: “Pippi took the title, but these pets are all winners because they obviously have owners who care a great deal about them.”