Grangemouth’s Nivens are livin’ in their own eleventh heaven

Samantha Niven turned 11 at the 11th hour of 11/11/11
Samantha Niven turned 11 at the 11th hour of 11/11/11
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A youngster is about to celebrate her 11th birthday on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year.

Moray Primary School pupil Samantha Niven, pictured right with mum Barbara-Anne and dad Bob, was born in Falkirk Royal Infirmary on November 11, 2000, and her family have waited over a decade for her extra special – once-in-a-lifetime – birthday.

Falling on the same date as Armistice Day, Samantha’s birthday is hard to forget on a normal year - but those two elevens in her birth certificate become even more significant when you couple them with her age, the year 2011 and the fact she was born at the start of the eleventh hour.

Bob said: “She was born at 10.03 a.m. - I told my wife to try and hang on for the eleventh hour and she did.”

It’s already been a big year for the Grangemouth girl - she was a lady in waiting in this year’s Children’s Day and her ‘Me to You Bears’ - themed arch drew rave reviews and tons of visitors.

The Niven family and friends will enjoy their traditional carry-out birthday meal at their Saltcoats Drive home on Friday night and 11-year-old Samantha will be off out with pals to Pizza Hut and the pictures to see festive animation ‘Arthur Christmas’ on Saturday.