Grangemouth rubbish problems blamed on system change

Residents are upset but the council says rubbish needs to be sorted propery
Residents are upset but the council says rubbish needs to be sorted propery

Residents claim a lack of bins have led to their rubbish-strewn road resembling a street in the Third World.

But Falkirk Council says the problem is down to a new system notr being properly followed

Refuse bins in Merrick Road, which is located at the rear of the flats in Kersiebank Avenue, Grangemouth, have been full to overflowing in recent weeks and people have been looking to the local authority to deal with the matter.

One angry resident said: “There are insufficient refuse bins available to cater for the residents of the flats and as a result they are overflowing onto the footpaths and roadway.

“It’s a disgrace and looks like a scene from an underdeveloped Third World country, with waste food and other unmentionable items lying exposed and being scavenged by birds and who knows what else during the hours of darkness.

“In 2012 in a civilised country this is a disgrace and needs permanently resolved.”

However, Falkirk Council stated this week the problem was nothing to do with a lack of bins, but tenants failing to understand a recent switch over to the two-bin recycling system.

Robin Baird, waste strategy co-ordinator, said: “These flatted properties have recently gone into our two-bin recycling collection system. This arrangement now means residents have access to the same collection arrangements as all other households within the area.

“While many residents are correctly sorting their waste, it is clear some are still adjusting to the new two bin system - blue for recycling and green for all other household waste.

“We will continue to work closely with residents to highlight the material that can be recycled to ensure we can reduce the amount of material being placed within the green residual bin.

“Reminder leaflets and letters have been sent to all residents and officers shall visit residents again to provide additional recycling advice where necessary.”