Grangemouth residents plan Oran fly protest

Maureen Downs has been plagued by swarms of flies
Maureen Downs has been plagued by swarms of flies

Residents plagued by swarms of flies plan to protest outside the source of their pest problem.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency investigated Oran Environmental Solutions Ltd’s premises in Abbotsinch, Grangemouth, last year after residents complained about large numbers of flies infesting their homes.

It was reported that Oran solved the problem by taking a number of actions, but, according to SEPA, the situation is still ongoing.

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Angry residents stated, depending on the temperature and wind direction, the fly infestation can stretch to Avondhu Gardens, Oxgang Road, Bo’ness Road, Duke Street, Oswald Avenue, Albert Avenue, Queens Street and Strowan Road.

Maureen Downs, of Duke Street, said: “We get around 20 flies in here almost every day. People were all having barbecues last weekend, but we can’t even think about doing anything like that.

“We have to stay indoors with the windows closed, no matter how hot it gets. No one should have to live like this.”

Although a date has yet to be announced, the residents now have permission from police and Falkirk Council to hold a demonstration outside Oran to show the strength of feeling about the issue.

Councillor David Balfour said: “This has been going on for over three years now and it is still not resolved. I fully support the residents’ demonstration.

“They are not going to back down to this.”

“We don’t want Oran shut down,” said a neighbour. “We just want them to deal with this problem.”

When SEPA officers inspected the site on May 21 they concluded Oran was failing to comply with its Waste Management Licence.

A spokesman said: “SEPA has issued a further enforcement notice in relation to Oran Environmental Solutions Ltd which requires the overall tonnage of waste on site to be reduced and waste retained on site for a period longer than is permitted by the site’s licence must be removed.

“The intention of the enforcement notice is to address the factors which are contributing to increased fly activity on the site and these steps have to be taken by June 6.”

Oran, which processes waste including plastics and aluminium at the Abbotsinch site, has not yet responded to The Falkirk Herald’s request for a comment..