Grangemouth residents fight back against power plant plans

Concerned mum Julie Hunter with daughters Lucy and Skye.
Concerned mum Julie Hunter with daughters Lucy and Skye.
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A concerned parent has taken it upon herself to warn neighbours of the fears she has over a proposed carbon capture power station.

Julie Hunter (36), of Avon Street, Grangemouth, attended last week’s public meeting called by Councillor Joan Paterson concerning a proposal in the government’s National Planning Framework (NPF) to build a power station in the town.

The plans by Summit Power, known as ‘Captain: The Clean Energy Project’, involve a 700MW power station extracting carbon by burning coal and sending the CO2 produced by pipeline to be stored under the North Sea.

NPF has identified the Summit Power proposal as a potential “National Development”, meaning it does not have to go through the local authority planning system.

The deadline for responses to the proposed development is July 23, and residents like Julie have been working hard to make their feelings known to ministers before the cut off date.

Healthcare worker Julie has been using her spare time to visit residents in her local area.

She said: “I’ve got over 80 people so far. We are objecting on the grounds of further deterioration of the town’s air quality and on the dangerous increase in traffic the site will bring.

“I just want people to know what’s happening here so they can make up their own minds. Existing issues of air quality and traffic have to be addressed before they bring anything else into Grangemouth.

“The location here is just too good for companies to ignore, but these companies and the government have to remember there are people actually living in Grangemouth too.”

Julie will be travelling through to Edinburgh to hand the objections into the Scottish Parliament herself.

E-mail your views to before July 23 or call 0131 244 7888 for more information.