Grangemouth recycling firm keeps contract

Protests against Oran Environmental Solutions over ongoing fly investigation problems
Protests against Oran Environmental Solutions over ongoing fly investigation problems

Bosses at a controversial recycling plant are to be kept “on a tight leash” to ensure it complies with regulations.

Operators Oran Environmental Solutions have been under fire since Grangemouth residents complained its centre at Abbotsinch Industrial Estate was behind a plague of flies in the town last summer.

Despite this, members of Falkirk Council’s executive decided to extend its waste recycling contract with Oran for another 12 months.

The move allows them to keep the plant under very strict control – with the option of terminating the deal if the firm fails to comply with strict conditions.

Baillie Joan Paterson said she had initially been unhappy with the decision but, after hearing the arguments, accepted it was the right move.

She said: “The problems caused by this plant have been disgraceful for residents. However, if the council stopped delivering our blue bin waste to this plant then the company would still be trading, could bring in waste from other areas and 
we would have no jurisdiction over how they run the site.”

Ms Paterson added: “While we continue to deal with them, we can and have put many strict conditions on the contract which were not in place previously. These include a weekly inspection of the site by a council officer.

SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency), the government’s regulatory body, checks the plant is being correctly operated.

A spokesman said, following several inspections, Oran had previously been instructed to install a tracking system for unsegregated waste.

He added: “In order to make certain the tracking system is fit for purpose and installed as quickly as possible, an Enforcement Notice was issued on January 14 which requires the licence holder to submit a detailed report on the proposed waste tracking system as an addition to the agreed working plan for the site. Once submitted SEPA will inspect the tracking system to assess whether the proposal is suitable and fit for purpose.”

Nobody from Oran could be contacted.