Grangemouth pensioner hits out at cost of bulb renewal

The price to change a light bulb was considered steep
The price to change a light bulb was considered steep
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A pensioner has blasted Falkirk Council for charging £112 to change lightbulbs.

David Skinner (82) said he was shocked to discover how much it had cost for the local authority to repair lights in a communal close at Kerse Road in Grangemouth.

Despite the cost being split between the neighbours, Mr Skinner said the charge was too high.

He said: “I was charged £14 for this, which is one eighth of the total bill.

“That means the bill is £112 to change a lightbulb for a stairwell in a block of flats

“I’ve spoken to local councillors and they agree it’s over the top.”

A spokesperson for Falkirk Council said: “An emergency repair was requested for this block to repair three lights in the communal close.

“Our repairs are charged based on a standard schedule of rates, which will be dependant on the materials, tradesmen and equipment required. An emergency repair will also incur a surcharge.

“Owner/occupiers living in flatted properties pay a percentage of any communal repairs carried out by the council on behalf of our tenants.”