Grangemouth park’s path is for walking not driving

Rannoch Park paths are in a poor state
Rannoch Park paths are in a poor state

Residents are angry about the damage being caused to a park by local authority workers carrying out improvements.

A £25,000 upgrade of the play area at Grangemouth’s Rannoch Park was recently undertaken by Falkirk Council.

But the damage caused by vehicles using the red blaes pathways left park users fuming. They say they have been left in a terrible state.

The support group Friends of Rannoch Park is happy with the new play area.

But it says the condition in which pathways were left by council vehicles is the last thing the park needs.

Last November a dog died when it severed an artery after stepping on some glass in the park, making group members even more committed to maintaining a glass, litter and dog dirt free park through regular clean-ups.

John Thornton, chairman of the group, said: “They damaged the paths when they came in with the big machinery just before Christmas. They also drive vehicles onto it when they empty the bins.

“A visually impaired man, who regularly walks the path with his dog, says he has fallen a few times because of the way it is left.”

The council is aware of the problems and has made it a priority to fix the path.

A spokesman said: “Due to the ongoing improvements to the play area, heavy machinery and vehicles have been used to bring in equipment and materials which has caused some disturbance to the ground and access road.

“We are waiting until the ground dries out so we can install the last of the play equipment and then reinstate the ground to its original condition.

‘‘It is unfortunate and we stress that we’re very keen to see this work completed so the park can be enjoyed fully by the local community.”