Grangemouth man freed from Algerian terror siege

Mark Grant with wife Emma
Mark Grant with wife Emma
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A BP worker from Grangemouth is among four foreigners freed from the Algerian hostage crisis.

Mark Grant (29), who is now believed to be safe in the hands of the Algerian Army, was one of the BP employees taken hostage by Islamist militants at the In Amenas gas plant.

It is not known if the project services contracts administrator was set free by his captors, rescued by Algerian forces, or managed to escape.

Wife Emma and the couple’s young daughter were at home in Grangemouth today awaiting word on Mr Grant’s status.

The crisis began on Wednesday morning when heavily-armed militants, reportedly led by jihadist Mokhtar Belmokhtar, launched a dawn raid, killing two people and injuring six others.

They claimed to have seized 41 foreign workers including Britons, Americans, Norwegians and Japanese and threatened to kill the hostages if they were attacked by Algerian forces.

Algerian state media said four hostages and several militants were killed when troops and helicopters attempted to free the hostages on Thursday afternoon.