Grangemouth forum tackles ‘negative perceptions’ of local youngsters

Angus MacDonald MSP.
Angus MacDonald MSP.

A Grangemouth youth forum designed to tackle the way local young people are perceived and represented has been voted a success by police and local MSP Angus MacDonald.

Pupils from local schools along with community representatives dealt with issues including antisocial behaviour - and why the overwhelming majority are not to blame for any of it - and also what needs to be done to improve the town.

The event was organised by school-based officer PC Lee Strang and Kenina Williamson (Community Learning Development)..

PC Strang said: “One of my priorities in starting at Grangemouth High was to address the negative perception of young persons in the area.

“Some locally have the opinion that youths are the root cause of anti-social behaviour when this is not necessarily a true reflection.

“The pupils across the local schools have struggled to find a medium to express their own views and the Youth Forum was developed to give them a chance to contribute towards building a safe and inclusive community in Grangemouth”.

Angus MacDonald said: “Well done to all the pupils who gave their frank views of what improvements are needed to the town.

“It was great to engage with them and hear their views - food for thought,

“Thanks to all the pupils and other stakeholders who took part, of whom there were many - a very worthwhile event”.