Grangemouth firm say Forth Road Bridge closure could cost them £1500 a day

Iain Mitchell says the bridge closure is costing his company a fortune every day
Iain Mitchell says the bridge closure is costing his company a fortune every day

The owner of a haulage company says the Forth Road Bridge closure could be costing his firm up to £1500 a day.

Iain Mitchell of John Mitchell Haulage in Grangemouth is counting the cost of the closure as his rigs are diverted away from the bridge resulting in increased travel costs.

Mr Mitchell said: “It has been an absolute nightmare with the extra cost and congestion, it’s just been bad news for everyone.

“As you can imagine, everything is at a standstill on the roads at times with traffic at a standstill queued right back along the M9. It’s just been chaos.

“The cost to us will be colossal. We do 15 jobs a day collecting from the ferry terminal at Roysth for supermarkets in the Livingston and Bathgate areas.

“Usually we would just go over the bridge but now we have to go a diversionary route adding about 50 miles on to the journey which will cost about £75-£100 per load.

“That’s just for one job, there’s the added costs for the other ones we have and that’s just us – what is it costing other companies?”

The Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce said it is staying in contact with the Scottish Government in a bid to minimise the costs and disruption to local companies.

Chief executive Michelle McKearnon said: “The problems have mainly been regarding congestion.

“We have had conference calls with John Swinney and Keith Brown who said they are willing to look at specific cases and to keep them informed. If there are any businesses which are experiencing problems then please get in touch and we can raise it on their behalf.”