Grangemouth firm is told to continue its work to keep flies at bay

Waste recycling firm Oran was blamed by neighbours for a plague of flies
Waste recycling firm Oran was blamed by neighbours for a plague of flies
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A recycling centre has taken steps to deal with an infestation of flies.

Earlier this year Oran Environmental Solutions’ materials recycling facility in Abbotsinch Road, Grangemouth, was reportedly the source of swarms of flies which plagued residents in nearby Duke Street.

The problem was at its worst on hot days and led the Scottish Environment Protection Agency to take enforcement action against Oran in a bid to stop the problem.

Now as the winter takes hold and the number of flies decreases, SEPA has produced a report which states Oran should progress their infrastructure improvements plans for the site as quickly as possible before the warmer weather arrives in Spring.

These improvements aim to reduce the storage time of unprocessed waste, close two of the three doors on the eastern side of the plant, provide rapid acting doors for the reception area on the western side of the plant and provide increased capability for the segregation of waste at reception so that problem loads can be more readily identified.

SEPA has also asked nearby residents to monitor the issue themselves and to advise Falkirk Council’s Environmental Health depart
ment of any significant change in fly activity in their homes.

Throughout the year both SEPA and Falkirk Council have undertaken independent investigations to identify the exact cause of the fly problems.

SEPA, which regulates the Oran site, took enforcement action this year to ensure the firm complied with its Waste Management Licence.

Oran, for its part, has reviewed and changed a number of operational procedures during the year in order to comply with the licence.

Before this latest report, members of SEPA, Falkirk Council and Oran met up and agreed the best ways to assess the situation, looking at a number of issues including weather conditions and temperature.

Tom Gleeson, Oran Environmental Solutions CEO, stated Oran had to comply with its operating licence and was taking steps to deal with the flies.

He also revealed Oran had made significant investment – a reported £2.6 million – to improve the site.

He said: “We have been working closely with SEPA to resolve this issue, but you have to understand it’s winter now and there won’t be flies for a number of months.

“We have invested £2.6 million in the Grangemouth business, which has nothing to do with the flies. We are looking to upgrade the facility and achieve better recycling rates.”