Grangemouth family’s dream holiday turns into a nightmare

Robert Hamilton is now recovering in hospitsl but he and his family face a massive medical bill for the care he received
Robert Hamilton is now recovering in hospitsl but he and his family face a massive medical bill for the care he received
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A fun holiday turned into a nightmare when a family was forced to fly home leaving their beloved “papa” behind in an intensive care unit.

Last month Robert Hamilton (80), of Grangemouth, jetted off to Marmaris in Turkey with his children, their partners and his grandchildren. Now, after a bad fall in a hotel shower, he is recovering in a private Turkish hospital and facing a bill which could be in excess of £16,000.

Son-in-law Garry Laidlaw (50), of Burnbank Road, Grangemouth, said: “He had the accident on 
Sunday, July 21, but never thought much about it. About a week later he was walking around and said he was feeling breathless, then we saw a big bruise forming on his side.”

Robert’s daughter Liz Laidlaw (46) said the Korean War veteran was not the kind of man to complain about things or let something get him down and that was why he did not cause a fuss.

Robert was admitted to the private Ahu Hetman hospital on Sunday, July 28, driven there by the doctor who came to treat him at the family’s 

Garry said: “The doctor took a look at papa and said he needs to go to hospital now. They found he had four cracked ribs and a punctured lung and had him on the operating table for emergency surgery within an hour.

“We didn’t know it was a private hospital.”

As Robert recovered in the intensive care unit his family were informed their holiday insurance only provided cover for treatment in state hospitals.

Garry said: “We just thought we were covered. After this I would advise anyone going on holiday to read their insurance documents fully.”

Robert’s son Bobby (47) stayed behind to be there for his dad, helped by a Turkish friend who is acting as a translator.

Robert’s family have enlisted the help of MP Michael Connarty to engage with the insurance company on their behalf.

Now up and walking around after going through another surgery, Robert is in good spirits, but has to wait for doctors to assess if he is well enough to fly home again.

Underwriters Travel Insurance made no comment on the matter due to issues of privacy and the family said they did not want to discuss issues

surrounding the insurance policy at this time.