Grangemouth drinkers being told: ‘Mind your language’

Drinkers should keep the noise down
Drinkers should keep the noise down
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Grangemouth pub bosses have been told to stop their customers turning the air blue.

Managers from the New Ship Inn in Newhouse Road appeared before Falkirk’s Licensing Board yesterday (Wednesday) to back up an application for permission to allow outdoor drinking.

However, neighbours objected, arguing that it added to their concerns about noise, cigarette ends and bad language.

During the meeting, a solicitor for the New Ship Inn assured the board the owners were proposing the outdoor drinking area to try to alleviate residents’ fears, were sweeping up litter and had installed CCTV.

But board convener Councillor Malcolm Nicol suggested erecting signs to remind patrons the pub was in a residential area and to cut out swearing.

Some of his colleagues were sceptical, however.

Councillor Alan Nimmo said: “You’re never going to stop swearing in a pub, it would have no customers.

“You’re just as likely to hear swearing coming off a bus.

However, Mr Nicol said: “One of the objectives of the Scotland Licensing Act 2005 is prevention of public nuisance.

“No matter how impractical, we know it’s not easy to deter swearing, but the licencee has to show she is taking action to mitigate it.

“This board will never turn a blind eye to any circumstances that could create public nuisance.”

The outdoor drinking area was given the go ahead for a trial period and will close at 8 p.m.

Neighbours said they were happy with the outcomes.