Grangemouth courts off to a record start

The new-look state-of-the-art tennis courts in Grangemouth’s Zetland Park got off to a start even Andy Murray would have been proud of.

Over 700 excited local school children and teachers proudly strode onto the refurbished community courts last week to celebrate the official opening of the facilities and attempt to smash a Guiness World Record at the same time.

Youngsters and adults take up their rackets to break the world record

Youngsters and adults take up their rackets to break the world record

To mark the launch of the courts, 679 youngsters and adults took up their rackets for a spot of ‘keepy uppy’ and broke the old record of 675 people continuously bouncing a ball together for a period of 10 seconds.

It may have taken a few practice runs, but even Andy needs a few sets to warm up.

Kirsty Humphries, Falkirk Community Trust’s sports development officer, organised the record attempt.

She said: “Judging by the sea of excited faces on the day it was a resounding success. The revitalised courts will be accessible to all members of the community and will encourage people to try out tennis, get active and above all have fun.

“Invited guests who came along to the event and who helped with our world record attempt included representatives from all those organisations who helped make this fantastic new facility possible and, most importantly, those who funded our project, Falkirk Council, the Lawn Tennis Association and Falkirk Environment Trust.”

Plans for the courts were announced a year ago with the trust looking to respond to the growth in popularity of tennis in the wake of Andy Murray’s historic Wimbledon win.

At the time Ian Scott, trust chairman said: “These are exciting times for tennis. The success of Andy Murray is inspiring people to play the game and we need to ensure we have adequate facilities and affordable quality coaching available for all ages and abilities.

“Over the last two to three years demand and interest in playing tennis has grown significantly within the Falkirk Council area. Thanks to the introduction of a primary schools programme, pupils in primary five and six now receive tennis lessons in school.”