Grangemouth councillor David’s shedding pounds to bring in pounds

Councillor David Balfour
Councillor David Balfour

An overweight councillor who has been touched by the plight of those who rely on foodbanks has committed to a sponsored slim to raise money for local families.

David Balfour, an SNP representative for Grangemouth, who weighs over 21 stone, is using Weight Watchers online and taking more exercise to shed the pounds after deciding “enough is enough”.

The 46-year-old was also been spurred into action after listening to residents who use Falkirk Foodbank to make ends meet.

He said: “I need to lose a lot weight.

“I’m quite a large guy, and when I have been on diets before, I don’t usually last very long.

“But this time, I’m determined to stick it out for at least three months.

“I recently spent time at the Falkirk Foodbank depot in Tamfourhill, finding out about the people they help.

“Some of the stories I heard about the severe hardship our friends and neighbours are suffering were heartbreaking.

“Donations of food and other items are fantastic, but the foodbank also needs money to run delivery vans and to be able to buy items that don’t get donated as often such as toiletries, pet food, and baby care products.”

Councillor Balfour has set up a charitable donation account with Falkirk District Credit Union to allow people to make donations to his sponsored slim online or at any Credit Union collection point in Falkirk.

To donate, use sort code 801595, account number 00313121 and the reference 7251.