Grangemouth cop says new national force ‘better than ever’

Inspector Billy Drummond
Inspector Billy Drummond

One of the frontline cops working under the new Police Scotland banner has said the force is better than it ever was.

As far as Grangemouth-based Inspector Billy Drummond is concerned, the switch from Central Scotland Police to Police Scotland, which happened on April 1, is not a case of “business as usual” but “business as usual - only better”.

The 49-year-old took up the inspector post at Grangemouth last June and has over 25 years experience as a serving police officer.

He said: “I would say there are elements which have improved as far as resources go. I can call on officers from right across Scotland to help with particular incidents and the police helicopter is now just a phone call away.

“It’s just a change of name really, we are one big police family.”

Under Police Scotland, Inspector Drummond is now responsible for community policing in Grangemouth, Bo’ness and Blackness and Upper and Lower Braes.

“No one community is exactly the same as another,” he said. “Each area is different so you have to police each area differently, listening to the concerns of the community and prioritising.

“That’s policing at its best and that will never change.”