Grangemouth Community Council resign over biomass decision

Grangemouth Community Council convener Walter Inglis
Grangemouth Community Council convener Walter Inglis

A community council has resigned over the Scottish Government’s decision to bring a biomass burner to their town.

All the members of Grangemouth Community confirmed their intention to stand down at the end of the month, stating government ministers giving the go ahead for Forth Energy’s plans to build a combined heat and power plant at Grangemouth Docks was the “last straw”.

The community council had spent the last three years opposing the plans and fought against the application at a two-week public inquiry last year.

Convener Walter Inglis said: “Across a broad range of issues our representations on behalf of the community are dismissed as irrelevant, ignored or not able to be funded. We have therefore reluctantly come to the conclusion that as individuals and as a group we can no longer continue in our roles as community councillors.

“We would like to thank those individuals and organisations that have over time supported our efforts and it would be our hope that they will continue to support any subsequent community councuil formed to represent the views of the Grangemouth and Skinflats community.”