Grangemouth being “strangled”

Trees have been cleared from the former ICI social club site
Trees have been cleared from the former ICI social club site

Community activists claim Grangemouth is being “strangled” by industrial developments and traffic problems while most residents could not care less.

Members of Grangemouth Community Council urged Portonians to stand up and fight for the future of their town before it disappears before their very eyes.

Councillor Robert Spears said: “Grangemouth needs to be recognised as a community - but what we have here is a community being strangled. Our Green Space is being eroded at a rate of knots and industry is replacing it before the infrastructure is in place.

“It will cause utter chaos - just look at Earls Road. It will soon be the biggest traffic bottleneck you have ever seen.”

Community Council convener Walter Inglis said: “We need people to come forward to community council meetings and state their case. The feeling in the town at the moment seems to be apathy rules.

“I’m distressed by the apathy shown by the people of Grangemouth.”

The plea for more local involvement in vital matters affecting the town was made at a special meeting last Thursday, attended by only a handful of concerned residents, where representatives from Falkirk Council’s planning department were giving a presentation on Falkirk’s Local Development Plan.

However, the meeting soon focused on several emotive issues concerning the Grangemouth area, including Asda’s tree-felling at the former ICI Social Club site, flooding risks, aging housing stock, the proposed biomass plant at the port, the long-awaited town centre regeneration and the hazard consultation - or “blast” - zone.

Mr Inglis said Asda’s distribution depot development at Earls Road was a “grotesque double standard” because it was bringing over 500 workers into the hazard consultation zone, even though health and safety regulations regarding that zone were given as the main reason why the ICI Social Club had to close.

Councillor Spears said: “The hazard consultation zone has no credibility after Falkirk Council agreed to allow the Asda development to go ahead.”

Grangemouth Community Council meets every month in the Community Education Unit, Abbots Road. Visit for information.