Grangemouth Asda pays to ferry customers to store

Tesco has now closed but Asda has stepped in with a transport solution
Tesco has now closed but Asda has stepped in with a transport solution

A superstore is helping elderly people by laying on free transport to its premises to allow them to shop there.

When Tesco closed its Grangemouth store, pictured right, at the start of the month it took away older shoppers’ easy access to a supermarket.

Now, thanks to an initiative by Grangemouth Community Care, Dial-A-Journey, Asda and Falkirk Council, these people will be able to take advantage of a free bus service which will carry them from Talbot House, in Talbot Street, across Bo’ness Road to Asda.

The service, which is being run on a trial basis to see if people will use it regularly, operates on Thursdays up to noon and, at the moment, is only available to community care clients who attend at Talbot House.

Anne Lowe, Grangemouth Community Care co-ordinator, said: “You can never tell if people will use it or not. Asda is paying for this service and will be monitoring the situation very closely.

“If people don’t take up the opportunity of the free bus then they will lose it.”

Jason Martin, Asda senior director, said: “Being at the heart of the local community is what we strive to do and we are delighted to be able to provide Grangemouth residents with this service following the closure of the Tesco store.

“We hope this service will ease any worries and provide the community with a convenient shopping alternative.”

Asda said Grangemouth residents can also use its home shopping delivery and click and collect services.