Graeme High head teacher is full of praise for ‘excellent’ pupils

Graeme High School Joint dux Peter Wood and Colin Irving with their form tutor Laura McEwan (Stevenson)
Graeme High School Joint dux Peter Wood and Colin Irving with their form tutor Laura McEwan (Stevenson)

Head teacher Lesley Carroll congratulated Graeme High’s award winners on a night of celebration attended by guests, staff and proud parents.

Paying tribute to her top performing students, she praised their “tireless efforts” to reach their goals.

She told them: “The word ‘excellence’ is used to describe the farthest end of the quality spectrum.

‘‘When we think of excellence we think of an aspect which is outstanding, a model of its kind, the very best there is.

‘‘Our award winners are all excellent. Be proud of your achievements.

“Success and achievement is not for the lazy or faint-hearted. Success involves wanting to learn now and wanting to 
carry on learning in the 

‘It is about being successful in learning, being confident, being a good citizen and being able and willing to contribute.

“You, our award winners, have worked very hard to get here. Your have worked tirelessly to achieve success.

‘‘You have successfully developed your creative skills in problem solving, science and technical activities, in music, art, sports and drama.

‘‘You have learned about being enterprising, about becoming productive. You have learned to work effectively on you own or with others.

“You know that success is also about learning to express yourself, becoming confident and assured, believing that the contribution you make to society is valuable and will be valued.

‘‘All these things are enshrined within the Graeme High School values and you, our award winners, are the shining beacons of how we live these values each and every day.”

Ms Carroll, who paid tribute to the contribution of senior teacher Viv Scott, depute head of Morrison House, who has retired after 30 years, added: “With the support of its pupils, staff and parents Graeme is once again in robust good health and continuing to improve.

‘‘I see high quality teaching and learning taking place across the school. I see highly committed teachers working with an ever increasing number of highly committed pupils.

“Alongside all this great work our staff have developed the new Curriculum for Excellence courses and experiences, planned the way forward for personal support and still managed to fit in the marking and homework!”