Golden wedding is high note for Polmont couple Bob and Christine Tait

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There’s no great surprise when Christine Tait reveals the secret of her long and happy marriage to husband Bob – it has to be music.

The couple met while on a music course at St Andrews University and their shared passion has made them a formidable team.

As organist and choirmaster at the Faw Kirk (now known as Trinity Church) Bob has always been supported by Christine who is the choir’s accompanist and takes rehearsals when Bob can’t.

Ironically perhaps, for a couple so involved with their church, their wedding ceremony on December 21, 1968, was held in St Andrew’s West, the church next door.

The organ loft of the Old Parish church had collapsed during the demolition of the neighbouring town hall and repair work started just before their wedding.

“It was fine,” said Christine. “The choir came down and the singing was beautiful!”

Originally from Bannockburn, Christine was a pupil at Stirling High – where she just missed being taught by Bob.

She too became a teacher, although she gave up while their son Alasdair was young and later worked for the Church of Scotland.

She was happy to use her talents – musical and secretarial – to complement Bob’s.

“The fact that we were both involved in music was important,” said Christine.

“When you’re involved in the arts, the hours are crazy and that can put a lot of pressure on a marriage.

“There was also the fact that we both wanted to help youngsters get all the chances that we had.”

They continue to promote young talent through the music club, Classic Music Live! Falkirk and Alasdair, himself a successful musician, now helps young artists develop their careers.

The couple will celebrate with “a meal and a long blether” for close friends in their church in the new year.